Starting with Veeam API’s

Author: Edward Howard & Jorge De La Cruz  V1.0

Veeam APIs provide a fast, efficient, and flexible method of managing Veeam applications. This Whitepaper will explore how you can start using Veeam APIs in your Data Protection workflow.

Veeam WAN Acceleration

Practical advice to help administrators, architects and IT professionals understand how they can maximize the data flow between locations in their infrastructure when using Veeam Backup & Replication WAN accelerator tools, so that they can confidently deploy their Veeam services.

Veeam Hardened Repository with RedHat Enterprise Linux

Author: Timothy Dewin V1.0

Creating a Veeam Linux Hardened repository is both simple and easy, but read this document to understand exactly what it involves and not just how to do it. A Great indepth read.

Oracle and Veeam. A Modern Data Protection Strategy for Enterprises

Author: Ali Salman V1.0

It is mission critical for an organisation to have a proper disaster recovery strategy for an Oracle Database, in case of a disaster the database must be capable of a restore with minimal effort and without any delays.